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About Us


The Marlborough Civic Theatre Trust is a Charitable Trust and has been serving the different communities of Marlborough for 50 years.


It was formed on the 16th of November 1974 following the demolition of His Majesty’s Theatre with the principal objective of establishing a new theatre for the Marlborough community to use. The old theatre was replaced with the FloorPride Marlborough Civic Theatre located in the former Farmers Department Store on Arthur St, Blenheim. For more than three decades, it was the arts and entertainment hub for our region, providing a wide and varied range of performing arts and events for participants and patrons.

The vision of providing a permanent theatre became a reality when the ASB Theatre Marlborough was opened on the 16th of March 2016. Nestled by the scenic Taylor River in Blenheim, this state-of-the-art, versatile venue stands as a testament to the Trust's dedication to fostering the growth and enrichment of the arts, culture, and educational recreation in the region.

In pursuit of its mission and objectives, the Trust not only manages the theatre but developed its operations to include Marlborough Light & Sound which now serves the wider community and the management of the Marlborough Events Centre on behalf of the Marlborough District Council.


Vision Statement

To be recognized as the Centre of Excellence for the performing arts, culture and events in Marlborough.

Enriching lives and supporting communities, our mission is to provide exceptional arts experiences and events that inspire, educate and prosper the Marlborough region. We commercially operate venues to grow and support the arts, culture, educational initiatives, and community events.

Board of Trustees

Our Team

Deputy Chairman

Kevin Moseley
Peter Mark
Brent Marshall
Anton James
Greg Simpson
Michael Wentworth
Dr. Sue Walbran

Megan Rosene

ASB Theatre Marlborough
Marlborough Events Centre
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