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Health & Safety


Promoters and Event Organisers

The promoter or event organiser is responsible for protecting the health and safety of everyone attending, whether they are staff, members of the public, event participants, volunteers or part of the event team. You can protect health and safety by identifying and managing all hazards and risks.

Every event should have a Health and Safety Plan, a comprehensive document that includes:

  • Who is the contact person for emergency services

  • A list of the possible hazards of each activity and how you plan to reduce these risk

  • Distribution of a full contacts list to all key personnel prior to the event

  • Details of the systems you have in place to identify, eliminate and minimise hazards and risks in the area during your event

  • Regular reviews of the control measures you have in place

  • Inspection of the event site with relevant team members to ensure it is safe before the public arrives and during the event

  • An accident register, which must be kept up to date at the event site

  • An incident plan stating how you will deal with any incidents

  • Plans for health and safety briefing for all participants (staff, performers etc) before the event

  • An outline of how you will ensure that all staff and volunteers on site will have the knowledge, skills and resources to perform their role adequately

  • An undertaking that all staff and volunteers that require supervision will be adequately supervised

  • An evacuation plan


For the Venue's Health and Safety Guidelines, click here. 

For more information, see Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and Worksafe New Zealand.

Visitors and Patrons

ASB Theatre Marlborough prioritises the health and well-being of our visitors and our team and we follow industry-standard hygiene practices and protocols.

  • Cleaning of our venue, public bathrooms, and spaces remains a high priority and is regularly scheduled especially during performances and shows.

  • Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes in the venue is prohibited 

  • If you would like to wear a mask while visiting or attending an event, you are welcome to do so.

  • We ask that you practice good hygiene when at the venue e.g. clean your hands with either an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water at our public bathrooms.

  • We ask that you and your guests make a reasonable assessment of your health status or condition before attending any activity or event at our venue. If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home.

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