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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Entry

When attending an event with us, we want everyone to have a great experience. Our conditions of entry are designed to ensure a safe and fun environment for all and outline what you can or cannot bring into the venue as well as behaviours that won’t be tolerated. Please note that conditions are subject to change without notice. Some shows/events at the ASB Theatre Marlborough have additional entry requirements. Please refer to the individual show pages for the latest event information.    


Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • ASB Theatre Marlborough complies with the Liquor Licensing Authority and prohibits the serving of alcohol to intoxicated or under-aged persons. 

  • There will be zero tolerance for intoxication.  

  • Those who arrive at the venue intoxicated will be refused entry into the event, and patrons who become intoxicated will be asked to leave the venue.

  • Staff or any members of a supplier/contractor who are found intoxicated while working or delivering any service within the venue will be asked to leave the venue immediately. This may be subject to further investigation and may lead to but not limited to the suspension or ban of the staff or member of the supplier/contractor and/or the termination of supplier agreements, if any. 

  • You may be asked to provide identification to prove your age before being served alcohol. We will only accept the following forms of I.D.:

    • A valid passport

    • New Zealand driver’s license

    • HANZ 18+ Card 

  • Persons supplying alcohol to underage patrons will be escorted from the venue. 

  • ASB Theatre Marlborough maintains a strict 'no drugs' policy.  

  • Illicit drugs and alcohol are prohibited from being bought into the venue and if found will be confiscated at the entrance, and the patron(s) refused entry. 

  • Any persons apprehended with drugs in their possession will be escorted from the venue. 

  • Incidents involving alcohol or drugs will be referred to the NZ Police if required.   

  • Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited at ASB Theatre Marlborough.


Prohibited Items

Below are some things you can’t bring into the venue. Please note items found will be surrendered as a condition of entry and may not be given back.

  • Drugs and alcohol. 

  • Glass of any kind.

  • Aerosols.

  • Anything deemed a weapon. 

  • Food and beverages, as we have an exclusive caterer on site.

  • Recording video equipment or cameras i.e. - iPads/tablets and laptops, selfie sticks, Go Pros, professional cameras and other video or audio recording equipment. 

  • Colours i.e. - bandanas, gang logos, badges, caps, hoodies, or other gang paraphernalia. 

  • Opened bottles of any kind i.e. - fizzy/juice/water.

  • Vivid markers, pens, spray cans or any kind of ink.

  • Laser pointers, glow sticks or glow bands.

  • Animals (apart from service dogs).

  • Any other items deemed by venue management or the promoter to be illegal, dangerous, or a nuisance to yourself or others. ​


Things you can bring

  • ​An empty drinking container (no bigger than 1 litre) which you can refill at the free water stations we provide.

  • Personal effects such as a coat, bag etc if they can easily be stored under your seat.

  • Pushchairs, strollers or baby seat carriers are usually permitted but cannot be brought into the seating areas or block any fire exits. You will need to leave them at your own risk in an allocated area.


Dress Code and Behaviour

  • Footwear must always be worn. 

  • No clothing may be worn that may be confused with security staff, i.e. - high visibility vests. 

  • Clothing must conform to a reasonable standard of decency relevant to the event. 

  • Costumes must conform to a reasonable standard of decency.

  • Accessories that look like or can be used as weapons are not permitted. 

  • You must follow the instructions of venue and event staff.

  • You must not block any fire exits, entrances or exits.

  • If attending an allocated seating event, you must sit in the seat specified on your ticket.

  • We are a licensed venue which means you cannot bring alcohol on site nor take it off-site.

  • You will be required the leave the venue/won’t be permitted entry if your behaviour is deemed by venue management to be disruptive, abusive or offensive.​


Other things to know

  • You and your possessions may be subject to a security search upon entry.

  • Please familiarise yourself with the additional ticketing conditions when attending a ticketed event, these are found on your ticket.

  • We rarely operate a coat check service so please consider this when attending events with us.

  • Pass-outs are not always available at events as it’s subject to the organiser/promotor. For an event that does allow pass-outs, you will need to show your valid ticket again to gain re-entry to the venue.

  • You agree not to hold the venue or event staff liable for any claims of loss, damage, cost or expense resulting from or in relation to your attendance at our venue.


The Venue Management have the right to refuse and/or stop entry to anyone if they do not comply with these Conditions of Entry.

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