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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors and benefactors who have supported our Theatre. Your invaluable contribution enables us to provide exceptional arts experiences and events that inspire, educate, and enrich the Marlborough region, and together, we make a profound difference in our community.


Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission.


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Principal Donors and Sponsors

Marlborough District Council  |  New Zealand Government Regional Culture and Heritage Fund  |  Rata Foundation 
Marlborough Electric Power Trust  |  ASB Bank  |  New Zealand Lottery Grants Board  |  Whitehaven Wines 
Rob Anderson  |  Peter Mark FloorPride  |  Pelorus Trust  |  The Lion Foundation  |  Barros Trust
Rex and PJ Brooke-Taylor  |  Air Rescue and Community Services  |  Crafar Crouch Construction Ltd
Pak 'n Save  |  Pub Charity Ltd  |  Deluxe Group Ltd  |  The Redwood Trust Inc  |  Chateau Marlborough 
Dick and Annie Hubert  |  Gascoigne Wicks   |  Blenheim Toyota  |  Wineworks Marlborough Ltd 
Bluegrass Trust  |  Haack Family Trust  |  Chris and Sue Godsiff  |  Nick Fulton  |  John and Margaret Collett 
Francis and Annette Maher Family Trust  |  Bob and Mary Penington  |  Radich Law  |  Trevor and Raenis Stocker
WK Advisors & Accountants  |  Quick Cash Finance Ltd  |  Ruda and Brenda Suleiman  |  Bruce Mclauchlan

Platinum Donors

Blenheim Musical Theatre Inc  |  Rick and Barbara Osborne  |  John and Robyn Cuddon  |  Roger and Carol Rose
Betty Vercoe Trust  |  Murray and Vicky Gane  |  David and Noeleen Trotter  |  Bankhouse Sheild Family 
Bruno and Monica Dalliessi  |  Gill Construction Ltd  |  Glover Family

Gold Donors

John F Dodson  |  Lawrance and Pam Saunders  |  Vern and Kay Ayson  |  Andrew and Barbara Wrighton 
Caythorpe Family Estate  |  Colin and Paula Hill  |  Eckfords 2002 Limited  |  Eldred Boyce
Farquhar and Barbara Wilkinson  |  Harcourts Marlborough Real Estate 2008 Ltd 
Ivan and Margy Sutherland  |  Jean and John Leslie  |  Ken and Jill Small  |  Longfield Farm Ltd  

Leo and Julie McKendry  |  Kevin and Kathy Moseley  |  Murray Rose  |  Norma Robinson  |  Peter and Karen Dick

Phil and Chris Rose  |  Robin and Bernice Sutherland  |  Tom and Suzanne Jeffries  |  Thomas's Limited
Cuddon-Corlet Family  |  John and Helen Crampton
  |  Jane Buckman and John Kershaw |  Tony Quirk - for Susan
The Vet Centre Marlborough |  Kerie Smith  |  
Luke and Deirdre van Velthooven |  John and  Pip Hoare 

Juliet and Brian Kirke  |  Larry and Gait· McFadden  |  Bob and Christine Marks  |  Dennis and Sandra Robinson

John and Sandra Robinson |  Gerald and Jan Hope  |  Leslie and O'Donnell  |  Graeme and Loraine Barsanti

Andrew and James Jones  |  Andrew and Janette Johns  |  Awarua Trust  |   Bill and Lynette Jones

Brian and Diane Dwyer  |  Chris and Judi Simmonds  |  Dianne Croad  |  Max Currie |  Geoff and Robin Robinson

Gordon and Sue Lang  |  Pam Heald  |  Ian and Vivienne Bond  |  Jane MacFar[ane  |  Jim Vause

Andrew Grigg Family  |  Ken and Jo Anderson  |  David and Maree Leonard  |  Pecchenino Vineyard

Consultants Limited  |  Rex Matthews  |  Talley's Group Limited  |  Bruce Webb  |  Andrew and Christine Bishell

David Western  |  Richard Wilkes

Silver Donors

Wisheart Macnab and Partners  |  Mike and Lianne Budny  |  Wadsco Commercial Ltd
Wadsco Motor World Ltd  |  Joanna Redmond  |  Kevin and Alison Murphy  |  Richard and Wendy Batchelor

Helen and Marcel Rood  |  Jean Smart  |  Jenny and Stuart Burrough Gabrielle and John Inder

Neal and Judy Ibbotson  |  Broadbridge Transport Limited  |  Brian and Dianne Benseman

Chris and Philippa Gorman  |  Eric and Bev Bowers  |  Catherine Jeffries  |  Kevin and Lorraine Sadd Family Trust
Neroli and Peter Edwards  |  Norm and Lorraine Wilson   |  Robin, Melanie and Zara Boyce

Robyn and Colin Simmons  |  Rosalie Butland  |  Roy and Judy Kett  |  Sheryl and Brian Blick

Simcox Construction  |  McKendry Motors Ltd  |  Ian and Jenny Robertson  |  Joe and Carolyn Ferraby

Rien Wagenvoort and  Natallia Shabanava  |  Alistair and Thelma Sowman  |  Richard and Linda Avery

David and Jeanette Rudd  |  Jenny Speight  |  Jim and Fran Jessep  |  John Baird and Marge Scott

Peter and Ally Jerram  |  Peter and Chick Anderson  |  Julie Smith  |  Terry and Lynley Sowman

Viv Grigg  |  Ginny Macfarlane  |  Paul and Kaye Kinzett  |  Alison Roselli

Sara and Simon Bishell  |  Gauden-Ing Family Trust  |  James and Christine Kay  |  Jillian Timms

Liz and Grant Johnston  |  Martin and Felicity Roberts  |  Norma Anderson  |  Patrick and Gay Murphy

Sara Simmons  |  Viv and Neville Patchett  |  Tim and Sally Wadworth

Cloudy Bay Funeral  Services Ltd  |  Vern and Kay Ayson  |  Old St Mary's Convent  |  Alison Fuller

Ayson & Partners Ltd  |  Bruce and Jane Bascand  |  Beverley Kingston

Christopher and Christine Webb  |  David and Sue Dillon  |  David Pigou Davidson Group Ltd

Barbara De Castro  |  Don and Liz Mitchell  |  Duncan and Sheryl Whiting  |  Owen and Judith Fisher

John and Brigid Forrest  |  Gary Hammond  |  Maureen and Megan Hosken  |  Janna Greene

Jenny McAuslin  |  Larry and Pat Pigou  |  Liz Dillon  |  Marita and Max Gifford  |  Mary Tolan

Mike and Cheryl Wadworth  |  Mike and Judy Veal  |  Morgan and Marie Price

Neville Grant and Yvonne Grant-Martens  |  Newman Graphics Ltd  |  PH and Lotta Adolfson  |  Phil Kennard

Robert and Lynne Kennedy  |  Robyn Anderson  |  Stephen and Ann Vallance  |  Sue Duckworth

The Estate of Mr E.J. and Mrs J.E. Batty  |  Wain and Naysmith  |  Val and David Rose

Bronze Donors

Chris and Jo Lane  |  Basit and Judith Parkes  |  John and Jenny Blundell  |  GT and AM Hood
Minna and Ross Holdaway  |  Phillip and Sheryl Neal  |  Graham and Christine Moseley
Andrew and Heather-Anne Ritchie  |  Brian and Kathy Baxter  |  Judith Kerridge  |  Peters Doig Ltd

Blenheim Accounting  |  Allan and Pauline Reddecliffe  |  Andy and Marion Rowe  |  Audrey Binns
Bernie and Rose Schluter  |  Elaine and Ian Blair  |  Blenheim Lions Club  |  Bruce Dunphey and Andrea Adams

Dave Williamson  |  David and Mary Jacobson  |  Don and Kath Elley  |  Eddie and Jocelyn Ellin

Alistair and Gaye Elliot  |  Elsa Cresswelt  |  Errol and Kaye Hadfield Graham and Cynthia Brooks

Graham and Mo Sutton  |  Greta Firth  |  Gwenette Elliot  |  The Hastings Family  |  Howie Family 
lan and Keren Mitchell  |   Jan and David Poswillo  | John and Jenny Oswald  |  Marsden Family

Bruce McLauchlan  |  Michael Buckley  |  Peter and Molly Banks  |  John and Susan Poswillo
Richard and Alison Morriss  |  Ross and Rose Broadbridge  |  Brendan and Collette Ryan  |  Sandy Shields
Bob and Sue Tapp  |  David and Maureen Waters  |  Andrew and Ngaire Lawson

Anthony and Pip Hawke  |  Graham and Jenny Bryant  |  Constellation NZ Ltd  |  Dick and Bill Bristed  |  Julie Holmes
Lesley Sheed  |  Lindsay Newdick  |  Ron and Margy Crosby  |  Ted and Bev Lucas  |  Tyntesfield Estate Ltd
Anthony and Christine Armstrong  |  Helen Boudier  |  Keith and Elizabeth Davidson  |  Beech Family Trust
Norma Fissenden  |  Elizabeth Suminski  |  Bev and Gary Hodgetts Chris and Dean Greenhill

Doug and Wendy Avery  |  Jill Van Angeren  |  Rhonda Stewart  |  Rob and Pat Lyall

Phil and Cheryl Sowman  |  Chris Borrie  |  Ferg and Barbara Murray  |  Elizabeth Winter
Smart Alliances  |  Cherry Taylor  |  K J Eccersall  |  Julie Culbert  |  Allan and Beverley Pitts

Wim and Riet Van Velthooven  |  Beth Wallace  |  Marlborough Jaguar Driving Club  |  Margaret and Spot Saul

Tom Percy  |  Val McMurtry Peter McMillian  |  MA and FA Bennett


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